Caldey Swim 2019

We are delighted to announce this year’s swim will be on Sunday 18th August, with a 13.45 start on Caldey Island.

After last year’s double cancellation, we’re really looking forward to running the swim; entries will be available here from 1st March, so it’ll be a double whammy special day in Wales!

Please visit our new website to purchase event tickets.

How far have you come for the Swim?

The lady in the photo is Judy Stevenson. She was due to do The Caldey Swim this year – she completed last year’s.


She is South African, her husband is from Manorbier, five miles down the road from here. He lives in Hong Kong, where he works; she oscillates between Hong Kong and their home in S Africa, where their kids are in school.

At least once a year, they holiday in Tenby, where they have a flat (Croft Court).

Has anyone travelled further to take part in our swim?

Judy is a long distance swimmer, albeit most of the distance is travelling to the swim.

Today’s Swim Cancelled

With great regret, we have had to cancel today’s swim. The forecast indicates WSW and W winds of up to 21mph with gale force gusts up to 30mph. If the swim was in a north easterly direction it might have been helpful, albeit in a ‘lumpy’ sea. The swim, however,  has to cross the rip between Caldey Island and the headland near Giltar Point, in a north westerly direction, and in such weather conditions we consider the swim to be unsafe; it is also unsafe for the flotilla of support kayaks.

We understand many have made huge efforts in preparation of, and travelling to, this event; however, safety must always be paramount in all our decisions. So disappointment all round and, of course, frustration that all our efforts this year have been in vain. All we can suggest is you park the event for a year.

Unless you wish to contribute your entry fee to our two benficiaries, Tenby RNLI and Tenby Surflink, please email us to claim your refund.

Today’s Swim Postponed

With great regret, we have had to postpone today’s swim. After yesterday’s storm, the sea swell is making for difficult conditions. And even though the forecast indicates improvements until 1pm, the swell combined with gusts of between 13 and 15 mph thereafter give us cause for concern for all swimmers’ safety.

We understand many have made huge efforts in preparation of, and travelling to, this event; however, safety must always be paramount in all our decisions. So disappointment all round.

Consolation, if available to you, will be the deferred date of the 26th August, with a start time of midday, ie 45 minutes earlier. If you can’t make the new date, please email us for your refund.

Nearly there

On August 12th, leaving from Caldey’s Priory Beach at 12.45, this year’s swim is almost upon us.

The swim is now fully subscribed and has a waiting list. Many thanks for the support from our sponsors. This year’s beneficiaries are Tenby Lifeboat and Tenby Surflink. And there are still places available on the spectators’ boat – phone Val Coates Rees on 07 473 178 701 to book spaces.

Fingers crossed for a temperate day and flat seas. If you’d like to watch the swimmers coming home, Castle Hill offers a great vantage point. The swimmers are likely to finish the 2.5 mile open sea course from about 13.25 onwards. They would certainly appreciate your support ….

The Caldey Swim 2017

After the disappointent of the initial swim on 6th August being postponed, it was with some relief that the swim took place on 20th August. Disappointment, too, for the 31 swimmers who couldn’t make the backup date, but this was a little offset by the 15 new swimmers who ‘swam into the breach’.

Conditions were more challenging than the ‘mill pond’ of last year, but thankfully only one swimmer had to be pulled from the water. And the lifeboats past & present cavalcade was a mood enhancing backdrop to the event. Some photos for you below and here is a little video, taken by one of the kayakers, which is also mood reflective.

So, thanks to the sponsors, the safety crews, the RNLI, Coastguard and Tenby Surflink and Sailing Club personnel and all the organising committee for another Caldey Swim completed.



2017 Swim – 20th August

This Sunday, 20th August, starting from Caldey Island at 11am, we try again! Hoping for better weather conditions than the original date.

The Caldey Island ferry boats with swimmers on board will leave Tenby’s Castle Beach at 10am. The swimmers are due in by 1pm. Finish line, with flags, bananas, spring water and medals – for the swimmers – will be between the harbour pier & old lifeboat house, at the southern end of North Beach.

If you’re not swimming, why not come to see them home – first swimmer due in about 11.40.

Swim Postponed

Apologies to all, but we have had to postpone today’s swim.

SW Winds of up to average 20mph coming in later this morning, gusting up to 27mph which equates to Force 6. Safety of swimmers is our paramount responsibility and it would be too risky, in the our considered opinion.

Replacement date is in two weeks’ time, Sunday 20th August, with the swim starting from Caldey at 11am. So all timings half an hour earlier – we have adjusted them in the event timings elsewhere on this site .

Please contact the organisers if you are unable to participate on the new date.

Looking Good

The weather forecast is favourable, the current conditions superb, so all looking good for Sunday.

However, we shall be formally checking conditions at 7am on Sunday. If conditions change & we consider the swimmers’ safety would be too much at risk, we shall inform you by email as soon after as possible.

We appreciate many of you will have made substantial journeys to take part so please rest assured we will thoroughly consider any decision.

If you will be uncontactable on Sunday morning by email & will not have access to Facebook or this website, where we shall also announce a cancellation, please text a telephone number we could use instead to 07 971 917 496.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday,

Tenby Sea Swimming Association