Today’s Swim Cancelled

With great regret, we have had to cancel today’s swim. The forecast indicates WSW and W winds of up to 21mph with gale force gusts up to 30mph. If the swim was in a north easterly direction it might have been helpful, albeit in a ‘lumpy’ sea. The swim, however,  has to cross the rip between Caldey Island and the headland near Giltar Point, in a north westerly direction, and in such weather conditions we consider the swim to be unsafe; it is also unsafe for the flotilla of support kayaks.

We understand many have made huge efforts in preparation of, and travelling to, this event; however, safety must always be paramount in all our decisions. So disappointment all round and, of course, frustration that all our efforts this year have been in vain. All we can suggest is you park the event for a year.

Unless you wish to contribute your entry fee to our two benficiaries, Tenby RNLI and Tenby Surflink, please email us to claim your refund.

One thought on “Today’s Swim Cancelled

  1. Very disappointing for everyone concerned, especially after the original date on 12 August had to be cancelled, but safety must come first.

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